It’s not in every era that we may have the chance to lead
the industrial reform.
It’s not in every enterprise that employees have the
chance to shape their own future. What’s the best way
to touch the dreams?
Don’t hesitate to join WM Motor!
We are looking for: interaction design veteran, programmer encouragement personnel, chief experience rant officer,
German translate machine, IT talent, UX design freaks, user researcher, engineers, procurement genius, Intelligence system,
OCD experts, ergonomics expert, senior financial manager, marketing, PR clerk, sales, charging planner, nutritionist……

Haven’t you found your ideal direction?
You may also send your CV, as long as you are fully convinced that you may change the world.

Aren’t there detailed job descriptions?
That’s because we don’t want to impose restrictions on each employee.

If you are excellent enough, please bombard CV to: