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High Efficiency Charging to Enjoy a Better Life

It is wise to keep life simple so as to your trip. Enjoy the relax and pleasure from new energy.

Its consumption of energy for 100 km is just 70% of that of a traditional car, making its cost just one fifth of traditional gasoline car. NEVs meets all-round charging demands for various models, providing you a different driving experience in the crowded city.

“Search, Navigation, Charging, Payment” 4-in-1 Makes Charging Easy.
Companionship is the expression of the most intense love. The portable APP will enable you a non-stop travel. Download WM Charging APP and easily feed your car in four steps.
Find the nearest charging pile as indicated by the map.
Reach the nearest charging location guided by navigation.
Scan the QR code on the charging plug to charge.
Scan the QR code to pay online to finish your charging.
Go further, Do better
Easy Charging for All Situations
Replenish your car anytime and anywhere. Three charging modes suitable for different places, saving you from the embarrassment of insufficient power on the road. Let dreams go further.
Charging in the Travel
WM Super Charging Network
WM super charging network leads you to the nearest charging station anytime during your trip with its station distribution in all regions at a glance. Continue your wonderful journey after a short break with fast charging.
Charging at Home
Install a self-owned charging pile. Travel with a fully charged car on the next day
Apply for a private charging pile if the condition is allowed. You can have a fully charged car on the next morning just as easy as charging your cell phone with a charging capacity of endurance mileage of about 80 miles at most per hour. Your pile can be shared with other car owners with its sharing function.
Charging at Destination
Get a fully charged car at your destination after you finish business, shopping or dining
Destination charging solutions are provided at places like shopping centers, office buildings, hotels and tourism scenic spots according to the strategic cooperation with WM. You can work and charge your car at the same time.
Urban Charging
Solve the midway temporary charging demand in the downtown easily
Search the nearest public quick charging pile with WM Charging APP. Restart your journey in half an hour with “search, navigate, charge and pay” all in one step.
Intercity Charging
EV can travel long distance with intercity charging solutions
Plan your travel route with WM Charging APP in advance. Have a great long distance travel experience with charging alternatives at expressway service zone or the expressway exit.
Urgent Charging
Support your travel with online rescue service in urgent power shortage situation
Car can be charged via vehicle-to-vehicle interconnectivity by connect a cable to another WM EV’s battery. In addition, urgent power supply rescue vehicles are always ready to ensure your arrival at the destination under urgent power shortage.

Download WM Charging APP


WM Charging APP

For iPhone、Android
For iPhone、Android
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