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WM Motor Officially Joins in Baidu Apollo 2.0 Project

Baidu officially released its Apollo 2.0 Project and the first batch of its partners on January 9th, 2018 at the American Site of Baidu World 2018 in Las Vegas. WM Motor, among the over 90 partners as the first batch, will be the NEV brand that applies advanced Apollo technology firstly.


"The Chinese automobile market is quickly ushering in the industrial revolution for smart, autonomous and sharing EVs. WM has been proactively devoted to applying various advanced technology into large-scale mass production with comprehensive layout.” Freeman Shen, the founder of WM Motor, said, “After joining in the Baidu Apollo 2.0 Project, we, taking popular EV as our core carrier, will further develop the mass production of AI and autonomous driving technology, making ‘smarter’ cars to bring efficient smart mobility experience for our users.”


Apollo 2.0, which released at the American Site of Baidu World this time, enables autonomous driving on primary urban road, supported by opener, safer and more complete properties. Self-driving cars equipped with Apollo 2.0 have completed its open test ride on the open road in California and completed the basic "Driver's License Examination" such as turning at corners and traffic light identification Moreover, Baidu displayed the sharing self-driving cars which created with its partners at a closed field, showing the capacities of taking or changing cars automatically, navigating at low speed, identification of traffic lights, avoiding pedestrians or obstacles and automatic parking.


Qi Lu, the President and COO of Baidu said, “Baidu’s Apollo open platform pays greatly attention to the partnership with automobile companies with high quality and powerful innovative capacity. We highly recognize WM’s product principles and strategies, especially the quality user experience with affordable price. Baidu will actively energize the Chinese automobile industry by supporting excellent Chinese car newcomers such as WM Motor to build up the smart mobility ecosystem.”


WM Motor received its new round of financing led by Baidu Capital and followed by Baidu Group and other investments on December, 2017. WM also unveiled its world's first Living Logo on 11th, December. The gradient color design is inspired by aurora, symbolizing the electricity-powered functions and real-time interaction of the Always On system. The first mass production SUV EX5 also made its debut at the same time with a starting price of 200,000, leading to a mass production era of popular smart EVs. WM Motor’s declaration of joining the Apollo 2.0 Project indicates that WM will deeply cooperate with Baidu in terms of strategy apart from their collaboration in capital. Furthermore, the autonomous driving test area set in WM Motor’s EV Smart Industrial Park located in Wenzhou, Oujiangkou will be used as domestic road test for autonomous driving. 


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