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Brand Vision

WM is the abbreviation of German word “Weltmeister – world champion”, which means to manufacture the “world champion” smart car.


WM Motor, established in December, 2015 (it was formerly a motor, battery, and electrical control system R&D enterprise co-found by Mr. Napoleon Du in 2012), strives to promote the development and realization of smart mobility industry. It aims at producing a “world champion” mainstream smart car with high quality, high reliability and good user experience and structuring a new smart mobility scheme based on the product.

Service Field
As China’s emerging EV products and mobility solution provider, WM is dedicated to providing consumers with a convenient and vastly improved mobility experience thanks to its global talent pool, avant-garde technology as well as industrial development and manufacturing resources.
Technical Team
WM has a core team of more than 800 employees, of which 70% from traditional vehicle enterprises and 30% from Internet sector, who are distributed in Germany (technology center), Shanghai (headquarter, design center, R&D center), Beijing (big data center), Chengdu (research institute) and Wenzhou (factory).
Cooperation Strategy
WM has signed strategic cooperation agreements with multiple global supplier and partners such as Siemens, HUAWEI, BOSCH, Qihoo 360, Mobileye and NetEase currently for closer and deeper cooperation in vehicle R&D and manufacturing, new energy, Internet and AI.
Future Trends
WM Motor, based on the “vehicle” and follow the demands of users, takes the aim of building a popular smart car sought after by users even without license plate subsidy as its primary task. Then WM Motor will open its hardware platform to let more partners to contact users, find values and create a complete smart mobility value chain relaying on the product.
Major Events
2017 YEAR

2017.12.05, WM Motor declared on December 5th, 2017 that it has received its new round of financing led by Baidu Capital and followed by Baidu Group and other investments.

2017 YEAR

2017.11, WM Motor signed an exclusive strategic cooperation agreement with NetEase and NetEase AI to build “Internet+” smart car together.

2017 YEAR

2017.11.09, Sam Sun, director for car design at WM Motor, released official pictures about the company’s first production car model at the China Car Design (International) Summit 2017 (or CCDIS 2017) on November 9th, 2017. The product features intelligent human-vehicle interaction outside the vehicle and low drag (drag coefficient lower than 0.3).

2017 YEAR

2017.10.28, Freeman Shen, founder, chairman and CEO of WM Motor, elaborated the smart strategy and development direction of WM. The company aims to make cars understand the demands of users smartly via the combination of “AI+ Hardware+ Software+ Service”. The first production car of WM innovates the first exterior interaction and is equipped with the leading window smart interaction function.

2017 YEAR

2017.10, WM has announced its MOU signed with Mobileye for deep collaboration recently. Mobileye’s solutions on intelligent transportation and autonomous driving will be applied on WM’s mass production car in the future.

2017 YEAR

2017.09, WM Motor just launched GETnGO, a smart mobility brand committed to ensure users to access vehicles anytime anywhere. On the same day, the company announced partnership with Hellobike, a domestic bike sharing brand, to launch a “4 (wheels) +2 (wheels)” mobility scheme, which combines hourly car rental and bike sharing services in one package.

2017 YEAR

2017.09, WM Motor’s EV Smart Industrial Park, which is located at Oujiangkou, Wenzhou, has completed civil engineering construction of all major premises. The stamping, vehicle body, painting and assembly workshop have all topped out and fully ushered in the equipment installation and commissioning.

2017 YEAR

2017.09.12, WM Motor announced at the China National Convention Center on September 12th, 2017 that all WM production cars will be 100% connected with the Internet and it will join hands with Qihoo 360 for car information security solutions.

2017 YEAR

2017.08, WM Motor has deep cooperation with Isdera, a German sports car manufacturer. Drawing on Isdera’s 50-year expertise in designing, developing and manufacturing performance cars, WM Motor will inject world-leading technologies of design and engineering into its first mass-produced intelligent electric vehicles. These technologies will enable users to enjoy better driving experience and allow the intelligent electric SUV to travel longer distances.

2017 YEAR

2017.08.05, Lobo Lu, Vice President of Strategic Planning at WM Motors announced at GeekCar Rebuild 2017, the product information of its first produced car to the public for the first time: A pure electric SUV priced at around RMB 200,000 with a max. endurance mileage of 600miles, and over 450 km in complicated road conditions. The car will come off the line in 2018, produced in an customization way. Furthermore, WM Motor has started to implement its “3W” Strategy i.e. WHOEVER/WHENEVER  /  WHEREVER (user management, real-time services, long distance support). 

2017 YEAR

2017.07.31, WM Motor’s first production car completed its hot area testing in Turpan Xinjiang on July 31st, 2017, making its accumulated testing mileage for almost two million kilometers now. Besides, WM Motor’s first large painting equipment was also installed in the WM EV Smart Industrial Park, following the installation of large equipment in the stamping workshop.

2017 YEAR

2017.06.28, WM Motor and Hainan Province Transport Investment Holding Company Limited entered into a framework agreement for comprehensive strategic cooperation on June 28th, 2017, which marks WM Motor’s first move into the tourist car rental realm, and indicates that the company has built a solid foundation for its faster growth in smart mobility.

2017 YEAR

2017.06.09, WM and Anyo Charging entered into a strategic cooperation agreement, in hopes of carrying out profound collaboration in the construction, operation, and sharing of charging infrastructure, the exploration of city “House+ Car” sharing mode and other new energy resources, which shows that WM is seeding up its steps in smart mobility.

2017 YEAR

2017.05.15, Marija Pejčinović-Burić, the deputy minister of Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs of Croatia and her entourage, held a meeting with Freeman Shen, the founder, chairman and CEO of WM Motor, a domestic manufacturer of smart EVs and his core team, conducting deep exchanges on how to make full use of the opportunities of the Belt and Road policy to cooperate in the fields of EV technology, markets and talents.

2017 YEAR

2017.04.18, WM Motor held ‘Corporation Open Day’ in its office building at the National Convention Center. On that day, “AG2020”, WM Motor’s first concept car on the second platform made its debut. At the same time, the first production car on WM Motor’s first platform has an accumulated test mileage of more than one million kilometers, the inside and outside decoration had been determined and the drag coefficient would have a big breakthrough. WM Motor’s first product of mobility service -- WM Charging APP is open for testing online at the same day. WM Motor is establishing a global industrial fund of ‘Smart Mobility Value Chain’ worth RMB 120 billion. 

2016 YEAR

2016.11.23, WM Motor had the foundation-laying ceremony for its EV Smart Industrial Park in Oujiangkou, Wenzhou. Starting from 2016, construction of parts plant and autonomous driving testing area will begin, and the park will reach a full production capacity of 200,000 vehicles annually.

2016 YEAR

2016.09.21, WM Motor founder, chairman & CEO Freeman Shen showed up in public for the first time and revealed the ' 128 Strategy' for WM Motor future product plan; focuses on 1 key architecture, generates 2 vehicle platforms and offers minimum 8 high-quality mainstream smart cars, starting to launch at least one new car in market from 2018.

2016 YEAR

2016.08, the corporation Logo 2.0 version was released. The brand new design of the Logo represents a new start of Weltmeister, which is a further step of the corporation’s development.

2016 YEAR

2016.07, WM Community, the fan community, was established, which is directly connected with users. Users are invited to join the community, getting cars they want. 

2015 YEAR

2015.12, WM Motor was established gathering a group of experienced professions and a R&D team in Germany. By the end of year 2016, WM Motor had almost 600 people, who worked separately in Germany, Shanghai, Beijing, Chengdu and Wenzhou. 

2012 YEAR

2012.06, WM Motor was formerly an EIC system R&D enterprise founded by WM Motor co-founder Mr. Napoleon Du in 2012.

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